The Brief Relief

Parents kissing kids good-bye. Kids kissing parents good-bye. Relatives hugging relatives. Friends waving to other friends. The car lights line a path facing the double doors of another journey – travels to another place or travels back home. They illuminate brightly against a dark sky painted with the new dawn’s hues of pink and orange. There’s joy, delight, sadness, and a sense of nostalgia in the air. There’s also a sense of hurry and urgency.

I’m there too. I’m one of the ones waving with a sad smile tugging at the corner of my lips. My heart is still so thankful and full of happiness.

What is coming at me is a box full of newness – it’s packed heavily with anxiety, nervousness, and excitement. It also comes with a rolling rug – one that will feel like it never ends but instead picks up speed and the person on it will start to run and run….hoping for a stop.

It’s nice to have just a brief time of absolute peace then. To have distraction from the world and comfort in family’s arms before real world hits. At those moments time seems to stand still in tranquility but moves fast in days and hours. Our joints, muscles, and brain, however, relaxes, and we are strengthened once more.

Wishes and blessings,


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