My Little Things

Little Things #21-30

Hoping this kicks your week off in the right way!

Story behind Featured Image (#30): Being ahead of schedule for me means having the right set up to get through my to-do list in a speedy fashion. My essentials are pictured above: macarons (or basically any treat or snack), kitty mug (from Home Goods), COFFEE, the right notebooks (from Barnes & Nobles), and I can never forget my laptop. Not pictured must-haves: water, blanket if I’m doing work at home, comfy leggings and an over sized sweater. What are your essentials for a productive day?

21. Letting your hair down after it’s been tied up all day
22. People who love their job
23. Hearing interesting stories about yourself when you were little
24. Hearing and seeing crumbs getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner
25. Receiving an invitation
26. The smell of popcorn in the movie theatre
27. Having exact change
28. When a person genuinely asks you how your day was
29. Answering a question correctly in class
30. Being ahead of schedule (featured image)

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Do you have any little things in your life? Comment below!



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