My Little Things

Little Things #81-90

Happy Little Things Sunday edition! You can now check out my tumblr and see the Little Things in photograph form!

Story Behind Featured Image (#84): It’s always a good day with my co-residents and I can throw our scrubs in the laundry bin and look like real human beings in dresses, heels, and make-up!

81. Perfectly peeling off a price sticker
82. The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth
83. Twisting the lid of a jar when no one else was able to
84. Taking a perfect picture
85. The first drop of a rollercoaster ride
86. When people enjoy the food you make
87. A warm towel after a shower
88. Your favorite part of a song
89. Untouched snow
90. The moment when you find a comfortable sleeping position

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Do you have any little things in your life? Comment below to be featured on the list!




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