About the Blog & Me

What this blog is all about

I write to cleanse the thoughts that raid my mind as I see and experience new things. Being busy as I am, I cherish the moments I get to myself to pick up my pen and journals. My posts come sporadically, but my hope is that my readers will walk away from my ramblings with another way to view life, another reason to travel, appreciation of the little things, or just with a little hope or light in a world that can be quite cruel.

My writings focus on a couple of things:

  • Medicine – the lessons I’ve learned, the stories that touch my heart, and how to balance life and medicine (#mobgynchronicles)
  • Travel – My observations as I travel the world and my recommendations on what to do and the places to eat and my suggested itineraries as well as imagery on where you are traveling to (#wanderwithmo)
  • Food – check out my dining guides on where to eat and drink in the cities of Dallas and San Antonio (#eatswithmo)
  • Little Things – the things in life that make our days better without us consciously recognizing it. Ex: Stepping into an air-conditioned room after being in the heat. You can check out this master list on the tabs above!
  • My random observations as I trek this curvy road of life
  • Poetry
  • Check out my other page for the list of books I love and my page dedicated to one of my passions: global health and being a humanitarian

-Sun: The Little Things
-Mon: Dallas Restaurant of the Week
-Tues: Recipe of the Week
-Weds: Travel
-Thurs: Dallas Restaurant of Week
-Fri: Medicine/Humanitarian (irregular posts)
-Sat: Dallas Restaurant of the Week

Thank you for reading!

About Me

I’m currently an OB/GYN resident searching for the little things day to day and learning from my family, friends, teachers, and patients. I also spenProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetd a good deal of my time outside medicine on travel and food. Besides blogging, I write a lot of poetry and fiction that as of now, mostly remains hidden from public view. I’m a bookworm at heart, and when I have time to spare, I bake and attempt home decor DIY projects.

My aspirations include becoming the most compassionate OB/GYN I can be, being involved in global health, initiating new public health projects to close health and educational gaps in the community, publish a book (or more!), travel the world, and be the best daughter, sister, and friend I can be.

Fun fact: The name Rattana is my Cambodian name and this blog is dedicated to my parents who have always encouraged me to write ever since I was a little girl.



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Do you have a question? Want to have a discussion about anything I post? Have a recommendation on where to go? Go ahead and e-mail me at:





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