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This is the reality: It’s hard to work a job that requires you to be be there 60-80 hours a week. It’s easy to let your job take over your whole life and then you end up bringing home a negative attitude. It’s hard to keep your life balanced if half of your brain is preoccupied with what is going on at work. Soon you realize that you have missed out on so many parts of your life just because you were not completely there (body AND mind) in the moment.

Being a busy woman is difficult. I’ve slowly learned (and am still learning) that in order to keep yourself sane and most importantly, happy, you have to hold a couple focuses in your life in high regards.

Because to be happy means you will truly be in the present.

The first thing that usually jumps to people’s minds when I ask what are your focuses in life are family and friends. While that is also true for me, I find that I live a better life if I choose different areas/interests in life to put my energy into but do them with my family and friends. I personally think it builds relationships and creates lasting experiences.

I’m hoping my blog will allow me to share how I walk through life and be fully present within the moment despite working busy hours.

Everyone will have different focuses in their life but I have four:

Little Things. Travel. Food. Medicine.

My hope is that my readers will walk away from my ramblings with another way to view life, another way to live life as a busy person, another reason to travel, appreciation of the little things, or just with a little hope or light in a world that can be quite cruel.

A little bit more on the four pieces:



Why is travel one of my focus points? I’ve been finding reasons to jump on a plane and head to a new destination since college! I find that being in a new area with a new culture resets the way I think about life, especially when I am going through a tough time. Through travels, I have met the most amazing people and created the most special memories with my family and friends.

How do you run a travel blog as someone who works a different non-travel related job? Well, you just do! But no really, I save up a lot of money for these travels and am always on the look out for deals. I’m currently in residency so it’s tying up my hands in how much I get to travel, but I use every golden weekend or vacation as an excuse to escape to a new destination! You just have to capitalize on all the free time you get! Not to mention, I have always loved writing since I can remember and this is my way to exercise that expression.

The structure of my travel blogs:

  • Set the Scene – my imagery feature is my way of immersing my readers into that specific destination. My hope is that you will feel like you are actually there if you close your eyes
  • Detailed Suggested Itinerary
  • The Lessons You Gain – like I have mentioned above, travel is one of my focuses because it gives me a fresh breath of air like nothing else does. I feel like I gain a new piece of understanding of the human nature every time I set foot in a different place, and I want to share these lessons with you all!
  • Travel Bloopers – We all know that when we travel, we run into obstacles and challenges. They can be funny, serious, little, or big, but regardless, most of the times, we look back on them with fondness and walk away having learned a little bit something. Travel online can look so glamorous and this feature is my way of bringing the reality of travel back into destination writing.

Can be found under the tab: Destinations.

My other travel writings:

  • Wander Wednesday –  I think there are four main emotions you experience when traveling; one more than others in different parts of the world. Awe. Curiosity. Serenity. Adventure. This is a blog series if are need of being inspired or feeling a certain emotion. Each blog will place a location with an emotion theme and delve into why that particular feeling. These pieces are supposed to be short, sweet, and have the ability to transform you to another area in the world.



Why is food one of my focus points? I have had the best memories in my life with people surrounding food. A lot of love goes into the making of different dishes, and I adore that you can always find a story behind every dish and restaurant! You can learn a lot about people’s personalities just through food.

Can be found under the tab: Dining Guides

  • Dining Guides – complete guides on where to eat in Dallas, TX and San Antonio, TX
    • Just because these are the places I have lived
  • Food Reviews – short and sweet with a focus on the important details such as what to order, happy hour times, and parking. And most importantly, honesty. I know people are afraid of hurting others, but I believe honesty is the best way to improve what you’re creating so hence, my truthful reviews.



Why is medicine one of your focus points? For the obvious reason in that medicine is my job. But beyond that, it is also more than just a job for me. I chose medicine so many years ago because it is a unique area of human interaction. It is a gift to get to be involved in people’s lives at their most vulnerable and be with them at their strongest, weakest, happiest, and saddest moments. Medicine is not just perusing the textbooks and knowing the science, it is really about human relationships for me. Of all things, this profession has taught me so much about the human life.

Can be be found under the tab: Medicine

My medicine ramblings focus on:

  • The lessons I’ve learned
  • The stories that touch my heart
  • How to balance life and medicine


Little Things

Why is little things one of your focus points? First of all, for you to understand this, you have to know what a little thing is. I always describe it as small things or moments or feelings that happen throughout your day that makes your day better, but you may not consciously recognize it.

This has become a very important part of my life because I use it as a daily exercise. I find that we live in a fast paced world and by the end of the day, many of us focus on what went wrong – we fixate on it. This is my way of re-grounding myself at the end of the day and focusing (as cheesy as it sounds) on what went right. I collect them in a list hoping that they will provide others the same amount of happiness as it provides me, or at least hoping that it will just produce a smile.

Can be found under the tab: The Little Things (Master List)

Thank you for reading!

About Me

I’m currently an OB/GYN resident searching for the little things day to day and learning from my family, friends, teachers, and patients. I also spenProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetd a good deal of my time outside medicine on travel and food. Besides blogging, I write a lot of poetry and fiction that as of now, mostly remains hidden from public view. I’m a bookworm at heart, and when I have time to spare, I bake and attempt home decor DIY projects.

My aspirations include becoming the most compassionate OB/GYN I can be, being involved in global health, initiating new public health projects to close health and educational gaps in the community, publish a book (or more!), travel the world, and be the best daughter, sister, and friend I can be.

Fun fact: The name Rattana is my Cambodian name and this blog is dedicated to my parents who have always encouraged me to write ever since I was a little girl.



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