My Little Things

Little Things #31-40

Happy Monday everyone – hope this brings a little joy to your Monday mornings!

Story behind Featured Image (#30):  Being post night shift call means catching up on some sort of sleep, doing some scrub laundry, and just winding down from your night. For me, that usually means a low key evening with friends or getting some questions/reading done with a good cup of coffee. Of course, all in sweatpants or pjs!
— Home decor from Home Goods and At Home. Friends pillow from Etsys
— Vietnamese Coffee from Eatzis
— Yes Please by Amy Poehler

31. Being able to fall asleep right away
32. Feeling confident when turning in an exam
33. The smell of a barbecue
34. Discovering a new song and instantly loving it
35. Finally remembering the word you had on the tip of your tongue
36. Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly
37. The feeling of relief after finding something you lost
38. Changing into sweatpants
39. When the stoplight turns green before you begin to brake
40. When someone saves you a seat

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My Little Things

Little Things #21-30

Hoping this kicks your week off in the right way!

Story behind Featured Image (#30): Being ahead of schedule for me means having the right set up to get through my to-do list in a speedy fashion. My essentials are pictured above: macarons (or basically any treat or snack), kitty mug (from Home Goods), COFFEE, the right notebooks (from Barnes & Nobles), and I can never forget my laptop. Not pictured must-haves: water, blanket if I’m doing work at home, comfy leggings and an over sized sweater. What are your essentials for a productive day?

21. Letting your hair down after it’s been tied up all day
22. People who love their job
23. Hearing interesting stories about yourself when you were little
24. Hearing and seeing crumbs getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner
25. Receiving an invitation
26. The smell of popcorn in the movie theatre
27. Having exact change
28. When a person genuinely asks you how your day was
29. Answering a question correctly in class
30. Being ahead of schedule (featured image)

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Dallas, TX – Ultimate Guide on Where to Eat and Drink!

Hi everyone! I’m back with this kind of crazy master post list again of the best places to eat and drink in Dallas, TX! I did my previous one in San Antonio, TX but I have just recently moved back to Dallas and I plan on eating my way through the city for the unforeseeable future!

Check out the following link (it’s the page under Dining Guides in the options above) and follow my blog for updates on the list!

Dallas, TX – Ultimate Food and Drink Guide

I would love recommendations on where to go as well! Happy dining everyone!


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The San Antonio Ultimate Where/What to Eat and Drink List

Dedicated to my med school friends who’ve been with me on this food adventure!

As my four years of medical school comes to a close at San Antonio, I decided to write a master post of one of my favorite topics and hobbies: FOOD.

From first year to these very last weeks, my friends and I have done our best with our limited time and money to sample what’s the best of San Antonio. I’m known in my class to have an Instagram that is basically a food Instagram, and I just wanted to close off my year with a compilation post of the best places to eat and drink in SA (in my opinion)!

(These aren’t full reviews – just my recommended places, hours, what to know, and what to order!)


Biga on the Banks

What to Order: Do a tasting menu! Around $70-80 depending on 5 or 6 course meal. Really, really fills you up and gives you a good view of what their menu is like!


What to Order: Oyster sliders, George’s Bank Sea Scallops (some of the best scallops I’ve ever had! So buttery and tender)20140820_211612


What to Order: Pig cheek poutine, charcuterie boards

Boudro’s on the Riverwalk

What to Order: House guacamole (they make it at the table for you!)

Alchemy Kombucha and Culture

What to Order: Ramen. The great thing about this restaurant is that the menu changes often and by season so there is always something new to try.


Cullum’s Attagirl

What to Order: Southern fried chicken, 3 piece hot

Max & Louie’s New York Diner

What to Order: Pastrami chili cheese fries, philly cheese steak, reuben sandwich

Mash’D – The Rim

What to Order: The menu often changes and you can usually find something good on there to order.

The General Public

What to Order: Bone marrow, Fish ‘n’ Chips

Pam’s Patio Kitchen

What to Order: Chicken saltimboca

Didn’t Get to Try (but heard good things about from other people): Bella on the River, Restaurant Gwendolyn, Periphery, Picnikins Patio Café, Southerleigh, Supper, Josephine Street, Signature, J Alexander, The Fig Tree, Luce

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