My Little Things

Little Things #11-20

Late post I know. Residency life gets really time-consuming. But here we are! Enjoy and hoping this kicks off your weekend the right way!

11. When your scissors glide across wrapping paper
12. Getting using to a cold shower…especially in the heat of Africa
13. Beautiful skies
14. When you actually like the assigned reading
15. The sound of the ocean (pictured above)
16. Walking into an air-conditioned building after being outside in the heat
17. The color of people’s eyes
18. Everlasting friendships
19. Watching bloopers
20. City lights at night

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My Little Things

Little Things #1-10

Whether you worked Sunday and still have to work Monday, Monday will always be that Monday. But I believe it is extra important to kick off a new week on a high note so I’m introducing a new hashtag and blog series called #littlethingswithmo. or The Weekly Little Things

What are they? Basically things or moments or feelings that happen throughout your day that makes your day better, but you may not consciously recognize it. I’ve been compiling this list of little things for around seven years so it’s quite long.

So every Sunday, I’ll be posting 10 little things from my e-mail list + my related photography. My hope is that after you read this list, you will walk away feeling inspired or feeling more uplifted! 🙌

1. Coming home after being away for a while
2. The fresh feeling after washing your face
3. Getting in line just before it gets long
4. Being in the car while it is going through the car wash
5. Finding out that you’re having your favorite meal for dinner
6. Accomplishing something people thought you couldn’t
7. The look of vacuumed carpet
8. When someone wants to take a picture with you
9. When everybody’s in a good mood
10. Immature moments with your friends



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Do you have any little things in your life? Comment below!