The Little Things (Master List)

Inspired by another little things blog I ran across many years ago!

What is a little thing?

It’s basically things or moments or feelings that happen throughout your day that makes your day better, but you may not consciously recognize it. Example: Stepping into an air-conditioned room after being outside on a hot day.

My goal for sharing this?

I started The Little Things e-mail list to my family, friends, and colleagues around eight or nine years ago. It’s a habit in my life I love doing because it allows me to walk through life with a new perspective and it grounds me to reality during hard times. My hope is that after you read this list, you will walk away feeling inspired or feeling more uplifted!

Update Schedule

Little Things blog posts will be updated weekly on Sunday! Subscribe for updates!

Master List

  1. Coming home after being away for a while
  2. The fresh feeling after washing your face
  3. Getting in line just before it gets long
  4. Being in the car while it is going through the car wash
  5. Finding out that you’re having your favorite meal for dinner
  6. Accomplishing something people thought you couldn’t
  7. The look of vacuumed carpet
  8. When someone wants to take a picture with you
  9. When everybody’s in a good mood
  10. Immature moments with your friends
  11. When your scissors glide across wrapping paper
  12. Getting using to a cold shower…especially in the heat of Africa
  13. Beautiful skies
  14. When you actually like the assigned reading
  15. The sound of the ocean
  16. Walking into an air-conditioned building after being outside in the heat
  17. The color of people’s eyes
  18. Everlasting friendships
  19. Watching bloopers
  20. City lights at night

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