The Little Things (Master List)

Inspired by another little things blog I ran across many years ago:

What is a little thing?

It’s basically things or moments or feelings that happen throughout your day that makes your day better, but you may not consciously recognize it. Example: Stepping into an air-conditioned room after being outside on a hot day.

My goal for sharing this?

I started The Little Things e-mail list to my family, friends, and colleagues around eight or nine years ago. It’s a habit in my life I love doing because it allows me to walk through life with a new perspective and it grounds me to reality during hard times. My hope is that after you read this list, you will walk away feeling inspired or feeling more uplifted!

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Master List

  1. Coming home after being away for a while
  2. The fresh feeling after washing your face
  3. Getting in line just before it gets long
  4. Being in the car while it is going through the car wash
  5. Finding out that you’re having your favorite meal for dinner
  6. Accomplishing something people thought you couldn’t
  7. The look of vacuumed carpet
  8. When someone wants to take a picture with you
  9. When everybody’s in a good mood
  10. Immature moments with your friends
  11. When your scissors glide across wrapping paper
  12. Getting using to a cold shower…especially in the heat of Africa
  13. Beautiful skies
  14. When you actually like the assigned reading
  15. The sound of the ocean
  16. Walking into an air-conditioned building after being outside in the heat
  17. The color of people’s eyes
  18. Everlasting friendships
  19. Watching bloopers
  20. City lights at night
  21. Letting your hair down after it’s been tied up all day
  22. People who love their job
  23. Hearing interesting stories about yourself when you were little
  24. Hearing and seeing crumbs getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner
  25. Receiving an invitation
  26. The smell of popcorn in the movie theatre
  27. Having exact change
  28. When a person genuinely asks you how your day was
  29. Answering a question correctly in class
  30. Being ahead of schedule
  31. Being able to fall asleep right away
  32. Feeling confident when turning in an exam
  33. The smell of a barbecue
  34. Discovering a new song and instantly loving it
  35. Finally remembering the word you had on the tip of your tongue
  36. Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly
  37. The feeling of relief after finding something you lost
  38. Changing into sweatpants
  39. When the stoplight turns green before you begin to brake
  40. When someone saves you a seat
  41. The feeling you get after you sneeze
  42. Receiving a dog’s unconditional love
  43. Hearing someone refer to you as their friend for the first time
  44. Finding out there isn’t a back side to a worksheet
  45. Turning on the TV just in time
  46. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day
  47. Finding out that someone likes you
  48. Andes mint chocolate
  49. Hearing people cheer for you
  50. Finding out that something is cheaper than you thought it was
  51. Logging onto Facebook on your birthday
  52. When you see your food coming in a restaurant
  53. The smell of a campfire
  54. Finding out that someone does the same weird things as you do
  55. When one of your favorite movies is on television
  56. Re-reading old conversations
  57. The smell of fresh laundry
  58. Walking through puddles in rain boots
  59. Being called beautiful.
  60. Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps
  61. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin after being in a cold place
  62. The moment you realize your hiccups are gone
  63. When someone texts back instantly
  64. When the vending machine gives you more than you paid for
  65. Finally laughing after trying to hold it in
  66. Not wearing makeup and being able to rub your eyes
  67. Wearing new clothes for the first time
  68. Being told that you’ve made someone’s day
  69. The first bite of food when you’re really hungry
  70. Questions on a test that give away answers to other questions
  71. Running through the sprinklers in the summer
  72. Free stuff
  73. Looking at hold yearbook photos and autographs
  74. When your parents say “yes” instead of the expected “no”
  75. When somebody actually says “bless you” when you sneeze in class
  76. Fresh air
  77. Watching old home videos
  78. Accents
  79. A family-sized bag of your favorite chips all for yourself
  80. Nicknames
  81. Perfectly peeling off a price sticker
  82. The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth
  83. Twisting the lid of a jar when no one else was able to
  84. Taking a perfect picture
  85. The first drop of a rollercoaster ride
  86. When people enjoy the food you make
  87. A warm towel after a shower
  88. Your favorite part of a song
  89. Untouched snow
  90. The moment when you find a comfortable sleeping position
  91. Stapling a finished essay together
  92. Knowing all the words to a song
  93. Friendship bracelets
  94. Easy to peel citrus fruits
  95. When the lights start to dim before a movie
  96. The good commercials before a movie starts
  97. Being lifted off the ground during a hug
  98. The feeling of pulling out contacts
  99. Waking up and not being tired
  100. Sleeping in your own bed after being away
  101. Solving a really long math problem correctly
  102. Reading your old journals
  103. Hitting the high note
  104. Flipping to the right page of a book on the first try
  105. When the weather feels just right
  106. Collapsing into your bed after a long, tiring day
  107. The feeling after a good workout
  108. Christmas lights at night
  109. When someone holds the door open for you
  110. 110. The sound a soda can makes when you open it
  111. Achieving the perfect milk to cereal ratio
  112. Remembering stories about how you met someone
  113. When your fortune cookie knows what’s up
  114. When a stranger helps you pick up something you accidentally dropped
  115. Family
  116. Overhearing someone say nice things about you
  117. Waking up with clear skin
  118. Piggy-back rides
  119. Crossing things off your to-do list
  120. Breakfast in bed
  121. 121. The feeling of a good stretch after sleeping
  122. When someone plays with your hair
  123. Contagious laughter
  124. Midnight snacks
  125. Getting an A on a ridiculously hard test
  126. Licking the yogurt lid
  127. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
  128. Teachers you can joke with
  129. Teachers that become life-time friends and mentors
  130. Handwritten letters

Do you have little things of your own? Comment below and I will add them to the list to be featured!


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